White Rabbit

Do Good

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The White Rabbit will not only be a catalyst for artists but for the poor. The staff of the White Rabbit have been serving people in developing countries for over a decade. We have seen a direct correlation between the unrestricted voice of the artist and the restrained voice of the poor and needy. We have been supporting, starting and running projects that have helped people out of poverty in places like Ethiopia, India, and Kenya. Projects that have served individuals, families, neighborhoods, tribes, villages, prostitutes, orphans, widows, HIV victims, teenagers, single mothers and children living in poverty. Projects that have partnered with governments, pastors, tribal leaders and citizens to change laws, start social businesses and self-sustainable projects. 

 We desire to continue supporting these kinds of projects through a portion of the profits of the White Rabbit. Furthermore, we desire is to connect the artists in our studios to these projects directly. Through trips directly to the nations and forging new ways of using art on the field. We want to be a community that helps bridge that gap.