White Rabbit



Saturday afternoon the doors of the White Rabbit swung open and welcomed the artists and creatives of Nuremberg with open arms!


After over ten years of dreaming and fighting for the vision of White Rabbit and nearly two years of construction, construction and more construction, we finally opened the doors for our co-op Art Space here in Nuremberg, Germany.

With Jan Schlegel exhibiting his new series “Tribes of our Generation” and special musical guests from James Mackenzie and Liz and the Lions we celebrated our grand opening with grand artists!

Jan Schlegel sharing about his photo series

Jan Schlegel sharing about his photo series

Thanks James Mackenzie for playing!

Thanks James Mackenzie for playing!

We were so honored and excited by everyone who came to our opening. From artists all around the region ready to partner with us in this creative project, to locals here in Fishbach who came to show their support!

Ulrich Mannchen sharing the vision of White Rabbit

Ulrich Mannchen sharing the vision of White Rabbit

Just in time for the opening we’ve finished our co-op space for artists to “Hop In” whenever they are in need of a space to work. This creative space is available for temporary artists looking for a place to create and work amongst other artists for a few hours. For artists in need of a permanent work space daily, we also have “Rabbit Holes” available for you upstairs.


The event could not have gone better and we are so excited for this wonderful kick off! We can’t wait to see how the White Rabbit continue to be filled with more creatives, more art, more music and more wonderful people like everyone who showed up to celebrate with us! We’d like to give a big thanks to Ute Schlegel and Ingrid Mannchen for all their help with food and drinks. Kim Schwanhaeusser for the lovely photos. And everyone who came out to help us open the doors to our new adventure!


Liz Mannchen