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  • White Rabbit Arts Fischbacher Hauptstr. 228 90475 Nürnberg (map)

Classic Black & White Portraiture Large Format Photography with Darkroom development

This workshop is an extended “Classic Black and White Portraiture workshop”. Besides learning in the studio how to take portraiture pictures you will also develop your pictures in the darkroom as fine art prints.

This workshop gives insight into the Philosophy and Technique in creating classic black and white portraiture pictures as well as the “nude portraiture”. Our goal is to help you take portraits that are full of energy and impact and for you to walk away with something you are not only proud of but feel confident to put in your portfolio.

You can work with your own camera (analog or digital) or try out working with one of ours. Either with a  4x5 or 8x10 large format cameras, Hasselblad 503CW analog camera or a Leica S digital medium format. 


  • Learn directly from Jan C Schlegel how he takes his portraits and understands the philosophical aspect of it

  • How to set up and measure different studio light scenarios

  • How to interact with the model

  • A brief overview of the master photographers who’ve created the classic foundation of portraiture on which contemporary photographers continue to build.

  • Darkroom film development (large format and medium format)

  • Darkroom developing your own prints in the size of 30x40cm

  • Toning

  • Mounting

  • Some advanced darkroom technics like unsharp masking

  • Discussion and evaluation

Taking a powerful portrait has always been a challenge—and often a high calling for photographers since the medium’s invention. Maybe you won't start off taking pictures like Richard Avedon or Irving Penn after attending the workshop, but it will help you to understand the basics of their approach and get you going into that direction. 
It took Jan C Schlegel several years to understand how to create powerful portrait pictures. With this workshop you will learn the steps Jan went through that led to his way of seeing and taking pictures. First, before we touch the camera, we will start with a brief study of the history of portrait photography by looking into the books of Irving Penn and Nadar.  Using these masters as inspiration, we will then engage in the practice of making portraits of our models from Russia. 
You will work in Jan C Schlegel's Studio in the White Rabbit and learn how to use his lighting equipment, backdrops and if you want cameras. In his darkroom you will see and learn how he turns his images into unique masterpieces and art works.
For those interested in "on location photography," like the way Jan takes his pictures in Africa among the tribes, will have the opportunity to learn his approach in a breakout session as well. 
Please note that film is not provided but can be purchased at the workshop.

650.- Euro Workshop fee. Hotel not included. We can help you finding reasonable accommodation.

Photo paper, developer is included. Not included is film material, but you can purchase directly from us what you need.

(application is being processed through Jan C. Schlegel photography)