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We love it when Photography brings people together -- when it connects us and builds friendship and relationships. Most of our friendships started this way. We were doing something together, we were learning together, we experienced together and we created together. Art connects people. It’s a language that overcomes boundaries, enables us, empowers us. And, if we are able to create in community with others, it becomes powerful. Through this we are given wings to fly, and synergies are created. The inspiration and encouragement provided by others who create alongside us is vital. 

We have seen this take place in our last few workshops. They became catalysts of creativity… and yet we feel we can do even better and go even deeper. We want to see artists come together to impact the world around us. Society is waiting for meaningful photography that is far beyond the surface-level "kitsch" that we see everywhere. 

Last month, after the evaluating our first workshops (which were great and extraordinary), we started dreaming and new ideas were born! And we want you to be part of them! We hope it will be life changing! 


Paris is the city where photography was invented, and where art and photography come to life like no other place. There are amazing museums such as the Louvre, Orsay, or the Centre George Pompidou. Imagine one week in such a city, guided tours through galleries and museums, discovering some of the most meaningful and impactful paintings in the Louvre, or visiting amazing galleries such as Gallery Vu’, Camera Obscura, or the House of Photography. 

Continue to imagine…

A learning community of hungry photographers living together for one week in this inspiring city. Each morning holds a powerful workshop on Portrait Photography (Jan C Schlegel), seminars, and some great photographers who would come and share about their craft to inspire and train us. Models from Russia and Paris will come to participate in the Portrait Workshop I am teaching. We will have a studio available, but you can also work in the streets of Paris or discover your own unique locations. It’s all about you creating something new, something different from what you are used to doing… something meaningful. You can work with your own camera or use some of our equipment, such as our 8x10 or 4x5 large format cameras. Leica will support the event, and Leica will come along and allow us to use their equipment and teach us how to use it properly. 

The mornings will be packed with content we believe you must hear and learn and do… the afternoons and evenings will be free for you to do what ever you want to do. After our lunch together, you can visit the Eiffel Tower and other famous sites, or take a Leica Camera to the little corners and streets of Montmatre, capturing the Parisian atmosphere. There are so many possibilities. 

Don’t stop imagining just yet… 

We will also discuss and evaluate your pictures. Only then will you be able to grow. We will help you improve, create better pictures and find meaning in your photography. We will have a Portfolio Viewing organized with Curators, Publishers and Photography Experts looking over your work. It’s all about pushing you forward in your photography. This single week of creative vacation could change your life - if you allow it! 

Leica will be with us for this event, we as have won the trust of Paris's leading photography school, we can use their studios and classrooms. All you need to do is not miss this incredibly unique opportunity. Spaces are limited, and we will keep the group small and intimate. We want to foster a learning and growing community. We want friendships to be built.


  • The Classical Nude Portraiture Workshop by Jan C Schlegel and team

  • Seminars from Photographers like Vee Speers (requested)

  • Book Publishing Workshop by Parisian Publishing house

  • Leica Cameras and Leica Workshop

  • Visit of Galleries (some guided by a Parisian curator)

  • Portfolio Review (curator/publisher/gallerist)

  • Free Photo Studio use

  • Possibility to work with different large format and medium format camera systems (analog and digital)

  • Discussions, Evaluation times

  • Inspiring Models

The price includes housing/accomodation, breakfast & lunch, Metro ticket, Workshop and Seminar fees. Entry to the Museum de Louvre.

Limited to 8 participants. Registration deadline May 8th 2019


Early Bird till April 15th 1.750.- €
Regular Price 2.200.- €

(application is being processed through Jan C. Schlegel photography)

Earlier Event: May 17
Later Event: August 22
Artist Support in Nürnberg