White Rabbit


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Jan C Schlegel, from the black forest of Germany, passion is Photography- especially the artistic side of Photography. Since 1998 Jan regularly travels to remote places, which are secluded from the tourism of the western world in search of unique characters, tribes, and individuals to photograph. Jan's photographs are represented by some of the leading art galleries of Europe and his pictures are regularly shown at some of the most prestigious art fairs around the world.  Jan is also experienced in leading an NGO as well as training and establishing a photography school for photographers. Jan is married to the magnificent Ute and has 3 children. Jan´s dream is it to have his own Starbucks in his house and a pond full of crocodiles in the garden. For more information on Jan and his photography check out: www.jan-schlegel.com.


Liz Mannchen, an American, now living in Germany is best known as the lead singer of the band “Liz and the Lions”. Liz has focused on keeping her music and venues as international as possible touring and performing her 4 albums in over 20 countries. Liz considers herself a story teller and focuses on connecting her audience with people and stories around the world. She is also a songwriter for other artists and a fine art illustrator. Liz and her husband Ulrich Mannchen have pioneered and lead a nonprofit organization which is dedicated to fighting extreme poverty. She has helped start over 6 projects in developing countries that helped people out of poverty. Liz hopes to inspire her audience with art and music that calls them to be brave and live dangerously. Liz lives in a world of Fairytale and adventures, fuelled by the power of good cheeseburgers and coffee (clearly not together.)  For more information on Liz and her music check out: www.lizandthelions.com 



Ulrich Mannchen, born and raised in Franconia, Germany, discovered his love for analog black and white portrait photography at an early age. The luring attributes that make up a superhero have always intrigued Ulrich and lead him to develop his photography on a path to discover the one-of-a-kind character, and unique gifts found in individuals. From the native tribes in Southern Ethiopia; to the Cosplay scene in China; to the music scene of the West; to the dying nomadic culture of the Mongolians; Ulrich searches the globe to bring out the individual character of each person he photographs. Ulrich and his wife Liz Mannchen have pioneered and lead a nonprofit organization which is dedicated to fighting extreme poverty. Uli has also taught many courses in photography and mentored different projects, groups, students, and artist over the years. Uli loves the 80s, magical things and believes in the importance of the inner child in you.... he also loves spandex. For more information on Ulrich and his photography check out: www.ulrichmannchen.com