White Rabbit

The Idea

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The White Rabbit is an artist collective focused on empowering and supporting artists. Through community and creative workspace, we aspire to give artists the platform they need to impact society locally, regionally, and globally.

We believe in artists. We believe they have a unique influence and authority in our world unlike any other. We believe that their voice can shape, provoke, effect, and move our society in either a positive or negative way. And we believe that, in the right community that not only supports that voice but guides, believes and helps direct it, we can see artists bringing great change to our world for the better and we want to be part of discovering that vision with them.

Along with impacting the artist and the art sphere, we desire to also channel our work at the White Rabbit to influence and transform areas of the poorest and needy parts of the world. We have seen a direct correlation between the unrestricted voice of the artist and the restrained voice of the poor and needy. We want to be a community that helps bridge that gap.